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Personal Property Tax

Personal Property Tax Management Solutions

Personal property tax management is a complex and time-consuming process when done correctly.

With over 7,500 taxing authorities throughout the United States, it is important that you have expert property tax representation when confronting your personal property tax issues. As your property tax adviser, we partner with your tax department to provide comprehensive property tax solutions that serve as an extension of your current tax department and we our services will save your company time and money.

Overview of services include:


  1. Conduct a thorough review of prior tax returns and reconcile any issues.
  2. Prepare and timely file all required personal property renditions to the appropriate assessing jurisdiction.
  3. Provide electronic copies for Client of all returns filed for record keeping.
  4. Review all assessment notices and confirm final value is correct and within the band of value appropriate for assets filed.
  5. Review and approve all tax bills for correct assessments and taxation and transmit to Client A/P department or tax department for timely payment.
  6. Prepare tax estimates (if required) and property tax budget accruals for Client.


  1. Analyze, prepare and file appeals (as necessary) with the appropriate authorities.
  2. Conduct aggressive negotiations at appeal meetings and hearing to achieve assessments appropriate with the value of the asset types and classes.
  3. Recommend when client should retain legal counsel for further appeal process and provide expert witness testimony and documentation for tax appeal case.


  1. Represent client in all audits with all taxing jurisdictions and respond in a timely manner to all auditor requests through verbal and written communication.
  2. Review any changes to current tax law that may benefit client in current audit cycle.
  3. Prepare audit reports after audits are finalized for client records and budget reporting requirements.

Lease (Lessor) and Multi-jurisdictional Administration Services

  1. Process and prepare for payment all property tax bills for client billing to customers.
  2. Work with client internal departments to provide reports for both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and customer service needs for property tax billings to customers.