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Property Tax Solutions for Lessors

Reduce costs, Mitigate Risks, Improve Customer Satisfaction and Increase Control and Accountability.

Let us focus on your property taxes so you can focus on lessee satisfaction and growing your business.

Do you really have the time and staff to deal with the complex issues related to property taxes. Lessors have a huge task ahead of the to comply with the variety thousands of different jurisdictions throughout the United States.

A Lessor must:

  • Assign leased assets to jurisdictions
  • File Timely tax returns
  • Compute the taxes by asset
  • Bill back to Lessee by asset
  • Balance billings to A/R and A/P
  • Obtain correct assessments
  • Challenge incorrect assessments
  • reconcile
  • manage tax technology or software
  • train staff in tax software
  • provide customer service
  • forecasting
  • Manage process

or you can hire us!  We can take your property tax liability from start to finish and get the job done for you in a timely and accurate manner.  It is important to have the tax processes and technology to handle the difficult tax issues specific to leasing companies. Not to mention how time consuming it can be to manage this process when it is not your core competency.

Utilizing our service will deliver results.

We will reduce costs – We can lower your compliance costs 20% – 50%. We will also achieve 100% accuracy in your compliance.

Mitigate the Risks – Every chance you have to lower Lessee dissatisfaction is an important step towards world class service. We will help increase transparency, resolve penalty and interest issues and increase clarity of your whole property tax picture in accordance with todays management standards.

Improve Customer Satisfaction – Improve your levels of customer service by using our electronic reports to query relevant property tax information at your finger tips. You will also have access to all supporting documents via PDF and scanned images.

Increase Accountability – As a client you will have access to an array of data and reports that will help you make smart financial decisions as they relate to your property tax liabilities. We offer custom reports that can be tailored to meet your in-house accounting and management reporting needs. We also provide yearly tax estimates, A/R and A/P reporting and can provide tax payment services directly tied into your bank.