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Real Property Tax

Real Property Tax Management Services

Real property tax management is a complex and time-consuming process when done correctly. Because of the significant expenses related to the management of a building or property, the management of the property tax liabilities is especially important when passing along these costs to your investors, owners or tenants. If you have multiple locations, the management of this task is even more complex and confusing when you are dealing with multiple real estate market conditions and taxing authorities. Not to mention the zoning, exemption and legislative issues that may affect your property value.

That is why Haws Consulting Group has created Our Real Property Tax Management Services. As a trusted property tax advisor to companies nationwide, we provide a comprehensive line of services to help you manage the complex property tax issues on a property by property basis. This allows your tax department to concentrate on the bigger picture while we concentrate on reducing the property tax costs associated with your individual property locations.

Some issues that you should be particularly aware of are:

New Construction (Base year value negotiations)
Refurbishment and obsolescence issues
Change of ownership
Market conditions and capitalization rates
Supplementary and escape assessment notices
Replacement costs

Overview of services include:

Valuation and Tax

Collect and review real property information for each property location.
Develop comprehensive property profile for comparison to assessment and taxation database.
Compare assessed values on each location with HCG assessment and taxation database for value discrepancies and value reduction opportunities.
Determine best valuation approach and capitalization rates for appeal opportunities.
File assessment appeals as required on property values outside the band of value.


Monitor property status ie: vacancies, legislative issues, environmental changes, renovations, new construction for valuation opportunities.
Work with client on property income and expense issues as required.
Provide just in time property tax payment authorization.
Audit any Landlord charges for each property location as necessary and challenge Landlord on charges if necessary.
If Client is owner of property, prepare property tax allocations for tenants and associated common area maintenance charges for billing by Client.

Budget and Financial

Provide reports showing planned verse actual property tax liabilities for new construction issues.
Offer budgeting and forecasting on future developments as necessary.
Provide summary reports detailing property tax allocations and reductions as they relate to audits and appeals.