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Our Company History

dadHaws Consulting Group was founded in the mid 1980’s by Raymond V. Haws (deceased), a former Senior Auditor-Appraiser with Santa Clara County. Prior to founding Haws Consulting Group, Mr. Haws was a founding partner of another property tax consulting firm in the Bay Area. Mr. Haws was also a former bank examiner for the Federal Reserve and was a proud member of the Society of Auditor-Appraisers, Institute of Professionals in Taxation, Security Exchange Commission and was also a licensed CPA. Mr. Haws received his MBA from Golden Gate University.

Under his tutelage, Haws Consulting Group grew from a small boutique family firm into a power-house property tax and business license management and services company. We proudly acknowledge our reputation for excellent client service, outstanding savings results, and a client list that is the envy of our competitors.

Over the past three decades, we have saved our clients over $100 million in tax dollars savings and several billion dollars in assessment reductions. We have advised our clients on numerous complex property tax issues, audits, appeals and consulting engagements. No challenge is too hard, and customer service is our number one goal. As we look forward to the next decades we hope to continue to expand our services and expand our client list of satisfied customers who can put their tax savings back to the bottom line of their respective companies.