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Business License Management

Discard your spreadsheets. Dispense with that wall calendar. Stop spending hours searching for reporting data and business license forms. Stop worrying about deadlines. These error-prone systems require way too much maintenance with no clear historical record or reports to track your work, let alone share across your various departments. We are sure you have more pressing matters to spend your valuable time on.

With Haws Consulting Group’s management of your business license, permit, and tax registrations these problems will just disappear. We have a complete, web-based management solution for your business license compliance and management headaches. Best of all, we guarantee we can manage your business license compliance cheaper than you can and with greater transparency and flexibility. This is not software you have to install. We actively provide hands on management of your business license compliance and provide a secure, web-based management solution that you can use from anywhere there is an internet connection to keep track of our services and draw reports as you need them 24/7/365.

With our compliance and management services and cloud-based software management solution, we can minimize compliance time, reduce costly errors and interface directly with all your departments that need 24/7/365 access to your data and reports. With our A/P interface we can work directly with you to create electronic payments requests that can be signed-off on by your department heads. Our we can set up a system that pays the fees for you and are billed back on a monthly basis to your A/P department.

Every time your business changes locations, or local site ordinances change, Haws Consulting Group can perform a yearly audit to make sure your company is in full compliance. We provide GAP analysis reports that highlight any missing license compliance and we can take immediate action to remedy any compliance issues that may arise.

With our complete license management service we can minimize compliance time, automate your existing work-flow, streamline the compliance process, reduce internal management costs, and reduce sox exposure.

Supported compliance types and services:

Federal, State & Municipal licenses.
Business licenses, Permits & Tax registrations.
All industry and business types served.
Forms, research, filings, gap analysis, and renewal management.

Our service manages the license life-cycle:

  1. Complete the forms and calculations.
  2. Generate payment requests or make payments internally.
  3. Get authorization (if required).
  4. Mail out forms and payments or complete online.
  5. Wait for approved license.
  6. Send out license to location or file in web-based system for later retrieval.
  7. Handle renewals.
  8. Provide online dashboard access to client forĀ  review and custom management reporting features.

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